Abdera Therapeutics Inc. is a precision oncology company focused on developing next-generation effective targeted alpha radiation therapies (TATs) for patients with relapsed, refractory and metastatic cancers.

Abdera was launched by adMare BioInnovations, Canada’s global life sciences venture, in partnership with industry leaders AbCellera, and some of the country’s most successful scientist entrepreneurs. With funding of more than $8M committed by the founders, Abdera is focused on one of the most promising areas of drug development, and one in which Canada has unique scientific and commercial advantages.


Targeted radiotherapies utilize purpose-built vectors to specifically target high energy radio-isotopes to tumors and metastatic cancer lesions. This new class of drugs holds tremendous untapped therapeutic and commercial potential, and has generated over $10B in recent M&A, financings, and product launches – and are expected to comprise 70% of the $30B nuclear medicine market by 2030.

Abdera is built on a proprietary modular and specific technology platform optimized for the delivery of isotopes such as Actinium-225 that emit powerful alpha particles to selectively destroy tumor cells while sparing healthy cells. The company will use this platform to develop novel products against clinically-validated oncology targets to enable the rapid development of a broad range of safe and efficacious therapies. These targeted alpha therapeutics will serve patients with limited treatment options.


Dr. Lana Janes

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Janes is a highly experienced biopharmaceutical industry executive with experience that spans the full life cycle of therapeutic product development. She was previously a senior executive at QLT, most recently as Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property and Technology Development and Chief Patent Officer, with leadership and oversight responsibilities for all R&D aspects of the company’s late stage clinical assets.

Dr. Michael Abrams

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Abrams is the former CEO of Inimex Pharmaceuticals, Chief Innovation Officer at CDRD Ventures, and Managing Director of Arbutus Biopharma. He was the founding CEO of AnorMED which developed the FDA-approved stem cell mobilizing drug, Mozobil and was acquired by Genzyme for over $500M. He is also co-recipient of the 2009 Society of Nuclear Medicine Georg Charles de Hevesy Nuclear Pioneer Award for work leading to the development of the radiopharmaceutical imaging agent, Cardiolite.

Dr. Adam Judge

Senior Vice President, Biology

Dr. Judge brings two decades of industry research experience focused on pre-clinical drug development and platform technologies for intracellular drug delivery. He was formerly a Research Director at Tekmira Pharmaceuticals where he led R&D activities in oncology and infectious disease based on the company’s lipid nanoparticle platform, and has supported a number of regulatory submissions for first-in-human studies, including the Phase 2 asset TKM-PLK1 for the treatment of solid cancers.



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Phone: 604.827.1147

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